The Ménage Menagerie by J.L. Dillard (eXcessica Publishing)

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When I was asked to review J.L. Dillard’s erotic story, TheMenage Menagerie I must admit that I was a bit hesitant.  What could a gay man say about anerotic encounter between a husband, his wife and another women?  After all, I’ve never read anythingremotely lesbian before.  It’s justnot my taste.  Sohow could I know whether or not the sex and story worked?  Trust me when I tell you it did.

Jonathan has a beautiful, devoted and loving wife.  Dana would do anything to please himincluding sleeping with another women. So when Dana decides to surprise her husband one night with a three-way,it just so happens that the other woman is Jonathan lesbian co-worker. How farwill each of them go to satisfy the other’s desires?  You’ll have to read to find out. 

“Danafelt relieved. She had finally said the words out loud. “Now, let me ask you aquestion. Why did you agree to come here tonight? You could have easily changedyour mind or not accepted the offer at all.”

Crystinadecided to give no less than she’d received. “There was no way I was going toturn you down.”

Danachoked and swallowed the rose colored liquid faster than anticipated. “Youreally know how to shock a girl, don’t you? Jonathan was right. You are acharmer.”

“Hesaid that?”


Crystina blinked, stunned by thecompliment. She and Jonathan had worked togetherfor less than a year and he had known about her sexuality from the start, butthis was different. She was in his home, having a drink with his wife,discussing the possibility of fucking her later for his pleasure.

“How do you think Mr. Rutherford willfeel about this little adventure you’ve cooked up for him? I know he said hewanted a threesome, but I don’t think he’ll be expecting it to happen with acolleague.”

“Tobe honest Crys, I’m not really sure.” Dana admitted. “I know he’ll besurprised.”

“Whatabout you? Are you surprised I agreed?”

“I was hoping you would.” Danawas playing with fire and if Jonathan disapproved, this whole thing could blowup in her face”

J.L. Dillard has produced an amazing erotic rollercoasterride.  For everyone out there whohas ever fanaticized about a three-way with your partner, or spouse you aresure to relate to the doubt, fear and thrill that these three characters feelas they finally get to live out their secret desires in more ways than one.

Pick up a copy today. It’s a quick, easy read that is sure to please.

Reviewed by William Holden

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