Blood Moon: A Wolves of Wolf’s Point Novel – Catherine Lundoff (Queen of Swords Press)

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I’ve always said sequels are tricky and successful series are few and far between, but the ladies seem to have it down. I always enjoy Cari Hunter (Dark Peak), J.M. Redmann (Micky Knight), and Cheryl Head (Charlie Mack), and I can now add to that Catherine Lundoff’s Wolves of Wolf’s Point. The second book, Blood Moon, is a total winner. If you’re not familiar with the menopausal werewolves who guard the valley of Wolf’s Point, you should be. Everything about this series is a hoot and a holler.

The newest Pack members, Becca and Erin, have settled into a tentative relationship with each other in the aftermath of the Pack’s encounter with werewolf hunters who offered a “cure” for their lycanthropy. But they’re not out of danger. Waking up from a blackout, Erin finds a body in her car. Assuming she’s responsible because she fell off the wagon, she turns herself in to the local constabulary, but the full moon is close. The Pack has to get to her before the change comes. But before they can break her out, Erin is kidnapped from jail by a straight couple new to Wolf’s Point, bent on filming her change for fame and fortune. Becca, Alpha Shelly, and the rest of the Pack have their plates full trying to rescue Erin while solving a murder.

I loved everything about the first book, Silver Moon, and this installment is all of a piece with that. The very concept of female werewolves who begin their lycanthropic careers at menopause is a wonderful, empowering twist on the shifter genre, and Lundoff absolutely runs with it, even giving us a wolf cave with ancient magical paintings—world-building at its finest.

And Lundoff hits the ground running from the very first scene where Erin comes to grips with a blackout and a body in the trunk. That’s storytelling. The pace of this is such that you feel like she and the others barely have time for their wounds to heal from the last set-to before they take off on this adventure. That doesn’t mean, however, that this is all action. Lundoff does a fantastic job of creating peaks and valleys, populating those valleys with lots of characterization of Erin, Becca, Shelly, and Lizzie. Lizzie, the investigating officer and local authority figure, is especially interesting because she is on the cusp of menopause herself. She knows all about the Pack and is desperate to be a part of it. But not all are called. Lundoff also keeps Becca and Erin apart for most of the book, creating some delicious tension about whether or not they will actually get back together again should they both survive.  

Obstacles? Oh, there are many. Werebears, werejaguars, blind greed, and Annie, a curious holdover from Silver Moon. Annie killed the previous Alpha, but had also taken the aforementioned “cure,” which prevented her from fully changing and left her part human and part wolf. She roams the forests of Wolf’s Point in this hybrid state, assisting the Pack in their fight with the straight couple. She becomes the focal point of the last quarter of the book as the Pack has to decide what to do with her when all is said and done.

Blood Moon is a terrific read and a worthy successor to Silver Moon. Is it too early to start wishing for number three? I think not. Highly recommended.


© 2021 Jerry L. Wheeler

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