Night Duty – Nicolas Mann (Bear Bones Books)

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Nicolas Mann is a daddybear’s daddybear,  but more than that, he’s an artist as well as an erotica writer extraordinaire. Both talents are on display is this fine collection of erotic tales, Night Duty.

You may be asking yourself what makes a good erotica writer, and I’m here to tell you there’s no simple answer to that question. So much erotica is out there that coming up with a fresh take on an old trope is difficult to do. And I’m not sure that’s necessary. What is necessary is a firm grasp (couldn’t resist that one) on the subject. Nothing takes me out of an erotica scene quicker than some physical impossibility. So, the scene has to be well choreographed. Another factor is the use of all five senses. After all, you’re using all five when you’re doing it for real, aren’t you? If you’re not, no book in the world will help you.

One thing you can’t worry about is whether or not the set-up has been done before. Of course it has. But it’s not been done your way with your characters. Take its familiarity and use it. Wallow in it. Immerse yourself so deeply in it that you find the eroticism that made it a cliche in the first place. And that’s just what Nicolas Mann does.

Whether it’s the old homeless guy in “Lost Daddy,” the priest/penitent scenario of “Bless Me, Father,” the cop encounter in “To Protect and Serve,” or the backwoods innocence of “Newt’s Lesson,” Mann knows what his audience likes and he delivers the goods aplenty. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Bear Bones release without a little fur, so the hirsute, uncut objects of ursine desire are never far from sight.

But Mann can come up with a new kink or two when called upon, as in the title story “Night Duty,” which sees a hunky university janitor indulging in some glory hole action with a wheelchair-bound professor working late at his desk. Another venture into non-familiar territory is the supernatural elements of “Ghost of Dark Oak Cottage.” No matter which story you choose, however, you’re bound for some hot one-handed reading. Mann makes the most of his scenarios by putting everyone into the scene, starting the action, and saying out of the way. No author intrusion here, but its clear that the writer has enjoyed himself as much as the reader.

So, order a copy today and make plans to spend the night alone. Or with someone you really, really like

© 2013, Jerry L. Wheeler

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