Our New Home


Why move?

Well, why does anyone move? You get a new job (I’m now a full-time writer and editor), your living situation changes (my wonderful co-founder, William Holden, decided to leave the operation) or you just get sick and tired of looking at the neighborhood (I hate GoDaddy). No matter what the reason, you shop around, you settle into a new location, and you start letting people know where you are. Eventually, your mail catches up to you, the pets pee on all corners of their new territory and everything settles down to routine.

In our (sorry, “my” – I have to stop using plural pronouns now) case, routine means providing my readers with the same honest, constructive reviews as I’ve given you the past few years. That doesn’t mean I won’t go off on occasion. I reserve that right. I’ll warn you ahead of time if I’m in a bloodletting mood so the squeamish among you can skip that post.

Mostly, however, my job is to let you know about the best and brightest new books in the gay independent press. That’s our (MY) niche. That will never change. I may occasionally skip a review to blog about something near and dear to my heart, but mostly I’ll stick to the old schedule, posting new reviews on Mondays and Thursdays with interviews by the wonderful Gavin Atlas whenever he sends them to me. We will continue to have guest reviewers (and if you’re interested, feel free to leave a comment below) like my esteemed colleagues Lloyd Meeker and Felice Picano. Things will pretty much stay the same. We’ve just moved.

So give us until Monday to unpack the boxes, put down the throw rugs, run to Home Depot for those last finishing touches, and we’ll be back with a review of Rick R. Reed’s “Raining Men.”

No matter where we are, we’ll still be all you need to read about all you need to read.

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