Dirty Sex – Ashley Bartlett (Bold Strokes Books)

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A young,
new author, Ashley Bartlett definitely should be on your radar. She’s a really
fresh, unique voice in a sea of good authors.

I first met Ms. Bartlett briefly two years ago before she became a published
author. My impression was that she lived off coffee and cigarettes. (I thought
about checking her ID to see if she should even be smoking.) I wondered if
those piercings hurt as much as they looked like they did. I wanted to pull her
pants up to cover her underwear and give her my belt. And, I was sure she would
wear white jeans with no regard to whether it’s after Easter and before Labor
Day. It’s a Southern thing. But I read her books anyway, and I’m so very, very
glad I did.

Don’t misjudge this first book in the Dirty Trilogy because of its title.
“Dirty Sex” isn’t erotica, even though there are several hot sex scenes. It’s
about intrigue. It’s about twenty-somethings trying to find their way into the
adult world. It’s about relationships between best friends, twins, and lovers.
Did I mention there’s also an amazing “tough girls don’t like to admit they can
be really sweet” romance that burrows its way into the story?

Vivian Cooper and Reese DiGiovanni have hated each other since the second grade.
Too bad Reese’s twin brother, Ryan, is Cooper’s best friend.

Cooper and Ryan will do anything for each other, even when it’s illegal,
suicidal, or just plain stupid. Which is why, when Cooper and the twins stumble
upon millions of dollars in gold bars, they take it and head for Las Vegas.
Soon they find themselves running from some very angry and very organized
criminals. Which turns out to be not nearly as sexy as it looks in the movies.

“Dirty Sex” isn’t Ms. Bartlett’s debut. I enjoyed her first novel, “Sex
and Skateboards,” but “Dirty Sex” turns it up about a dozen

In short, I found this story to be flawless. The characters are deep and the
action fast-paced. The romance feels real, not contrived. There are no fat,
padded scenes, but no skimpy ones either. It’s told in a strong first-person
voice that speaks of the author’s and her character’s youth, but serves up
surprisingly mature revelations.

“Dirty Sex” released at the end of 2012, and “Dirty Money” followed
close behind in February. You’ll have to wait until August, however, for the
conclusion of the series in “Dirty Power.” That gives you plenty of
time to read “Sex” and “Money” beforehand.

If you’d like to read the author’s
thoughts about concluding the series, check out http://lesbianauthors.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/alimony-by-ashley-bartlett/

©, 2013, D. Jackson Leigh

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