Injustice – K.A. Kron & Brenda L. Leffler (Lethe Press)

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Books with local color are always lots of fun, and I rarely get to read one set in Denver for some reason. Injustice, set in Capitol Hill, is all over town—from Littleton and Aurora and back—and name checks Denver landmarks, like Racine’s and Queen Soopers. Oh, the book? I think the cover, which depicts a gun pointed at the reader, says it all. It’s action-packed from first page to last.

Riley Connors, formerly a government operative, is now a law student/bartender with a dark past and lots of connections willing to help her right wrongs, including getting revenge on her girlfriend wanna-be’s ex-boyfriend. But that injustice only whets Riley’s appetite for taking a firm hand and doing the right thing.

Injustice is not a slow, deliberate book whose purpose is to deeply explore Riley’s character and emotions about fighting evil. The subject is broached, but to agonize over it would be counteproductive to the main thrust of the book, which is action. And Injustice has that in spades. From the attempted rape on page two to the drug overdose on page two hundred and forty-three, it only slows down long enough to allow you to catch your breath before it’s off on another caper.

In fact, there are several capers going on here simultaneously. It’s to Kron and Leffler’s credit that the various endeavors are never crossed or at cross-purposes, and they feature the most wonderfully intricate surveillance toys. And Riley also has an able accomplice named Charlie, a grizzled ole cuss who was a compadre of hers in the black ops. Their relationship is a father/daughter/BFF/co-worker/psychic bond kinda thing, and they both show up for each other at the most opportune times.

Deep reading? Nope. But it doesn’t pretend to be, and that’s refreshing. It’s a quick, fun, breathlessly fast read that I went through in two sessions, and it’s also subtitled Book One of the Nemesis Series, so if this is your thing, I’m sure you’ll be looking for Book Two when it comes out.

Action, baby. That’s where it’s at.

©, 2013, Jerry Wheeler

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