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I haven’t read much erotic sci-fi—maybe because not that
much of it exists (fan fiction notwithstanding)—so I don’t have a standard of
comparison for the blend. But I’ve written and edited a lot of erotica and I’ve
read a crapload of sci-fi, so maybe my viewpoint is more germane than not.
Either way, D.V. Sadero’s The Revolt of the Naked is an interestingly
hot read.

Talanta, an Earth colony which becomes host to the few
Earthlings left after a plague wipes out everyone except men, has two classes
of men: Freemen and Nakeds. The Freemen are the ruling body and have the Nakeds
as their slaves, kept under their thumb for labor and sex by a combination of
surgical implants and radio control. A few of the colonists, however, despise
slavery and have taken to the surrounding jungle to start their own
civilization. They are the Jungle Men. When an earthquake destroys the tower
that controls the Nakeds, the inevitable revolution occurs. Freemen are overthrown
and the Jungle Men find their own way of life in trouble.

Sci-fi has lots of opportunity for social commentary, and
Sadero takes advantage of that in many spots. Dr. Jason, one of the Freemen
scientists, and Valor, one of the Jungle Men, have a son together that Jason is
raising as a Freeman. Valor only sees him during his infrequent trips to the
city. This “mixed race” couple provides for some of the most intriguing moments
in the book. Also intriguing is what happens to the Jungle Men’s society as it
is invaded by the newly-freed Nakeds, both in terms of social interactions and
physical infrastructure.

All this appeals to the geek in me, but Freemen and Nakeds
and Jungle Men all wear as little clothing as possible, leading to all kinds of
sex. The only off-putting element in all this horniness is that men who like to
be penetrated are the lowest of all classes (The Fucked), and are reviled by
all others. Nakeds may be fucked since it is their job to be abused, but to
actually prefer it is abhorrent. This unaccountable sex-negativity in a society
where sex five or six times a day is not uncommon seems unrealistic, but not
enough to be a plot impediment.

In short, The Revolt of the Naked is a great erotic
novel with some unique and creative differences. Give it a try, but don’t read
it on an airplane—as I did—unless you want some very interesting reactions from
a staid seat-mate. 




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©, 2012, Jerry Wheeler

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