Torn – Lee Thomas (Cemetery Dance Publication)

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I’ve been a fan of Lee Thomas’s work now for some time.  His collection of horror stories, In the Closet, Under the Bed, kept me up
into the wee hours of the morning. His Lammy-winning novel, The German was a
masterpiece of suspense and writing. I was thrilled with Jerry sent me his
latest work, a novella simply entitled, Torn.

Bill Cranston is the sheriff of a small town called Luther’s
Bend. When Maggie Mayflower an eleven-year old girl is abducted and taken into
the woods, Bill leads a desperate search to find her. What the people of Luther’s
Bend don’t know is that Maggie is only the bait for a much bigger and
terrifying plan. Her abductor, an insane man named Douglas Sykes is not
entirely human and what he has planned for the town of Luther’s Bend will
destroy everyone’s life.

Lee Thomas has once again written a wonderfully woven tale
that will keep his readers gripped from the moment they read the opening line.

do you go on when something like that happens to your child?”

Thomas has a way
of creating characters that immediately become your own family and closest
friends. Their pain, their fears, and in the case of Torn, their secrets, soon become yours and you find yourself right
there on the page with them, fighting for your life. His character Douglas
Sykes is one of the creepiest characters I have read in a long time. His
rhyming words and riddles, sent shivers down my spine every time he spoke.

Torn is yet
another story that proves that Lee Thomas is the master of his craft. The
novella packs a hell of a punch in the short 130 pages. If you have liked Lee’s
other works, you will love this one, and if this is your first time, well hold
on to the edge of your seat, you are in for a wild time.

Reviewed by
William Holden  

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