The Incident – Xavier Alexson (Seventh Window Publications)

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I’ve reviewed two of Xavier’s books in the past, “Dutch’s
Boy,” and “Christmas Eve at the Powers that be Café.” One of the comments I
always say about his work is that he has a way with his characters, he knows
them intimately and because of this talent, the reader can’t help but feel
connected to them. They are complex individuals. Many are flawed, scarred, and
well… human. Regardless of the reader’s own background, everyone can find
something to relate to with Xavier’s characters. The Incident is no different,
and in my opinion his best work so far.

I’m not going to talk about specifics of the book as this
one truly warrants reading it cover to cover, without hints from a reviewer of
the plot or resolution. Here’s the setup from the book itself.

“In the line of duty, decisions that will change your life
forever are made in a split-second. Nobody knows that better than Officer
Michael Carmac, whose fatal split-second decision haunts his days. Tormented by
guilt, Michael seeks solace in a bottle and the friendship he has with his
partner, Officer Bertram Angel. But the more he leans on Angel for support, the
more Michael discovers a longing that he’s kept hidden for too long. Can Angel
help ease the pain of guilt or will Michael’s hidden desires be the end of
their friendship?”

The Incident doesn’t fit neatly into a particular genre, but
that in my opinion is part of its charm, and what makes Xavier’s writing so unique.
The relationship between Michael Carmac and his partner Bertram Angel is not a
typical romance; man meets man, they click, struggle, and fall in love. What
transpires between these two characters is unrefined, unrehearsed, and at times
difficult…in other words, real life. And that is the secret behind the success
of this book. You experience the pain, loneliness, and at time desperation. You
will root for them, you will feel sorry for them, or even despise them, but you
will feel them — and that my friends, is what writing and enjoying fiction is
all about.

Reviewed by William Holden 

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