Frat Boys – Shane Allison (Cleis Press)

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I wasn’t going to review this, the latest erotic anthology
by Shane Allison. After all how many times can we beat (a dead horse to
death)…err…off…to the same old theme. Frat Boys, Hot Daddy’s, Hot Jocks, gay
erotica seems to be heading down the same path as Hollywood, remake, after
remake, after remake. Has gay culture really become this mundane?

It wasn’t until I saw the list of contributing authors for
this collection that I decided to put away my bitchy attitude and read another
collection of stories about men at college. I’m glad I did because the authors that
Shane has gathered, such as Jeff Mann, Gavin Atlas, and Hank Edwards; just to
name a few have blown new life into this deflated theme.

Big Brother by Rob Rosen was a fun and unique read about two
fraternity brothers, a mouse hole in the wall, and what happens when the pledge
is caught red-handed. A refreshing story that was both touching and incredibly
hot as only Rob could do.

The Laius League by Gavin Atlas. One of the things you can
always count on with Gavin is a well written story, but what I like most is
that no matter what the theme, Gavin can come up with the most unusual, most
creative story imaginable, and the Laius League is a perfect example of his
creative abilities. A one hundred year old secret society, submissive freshman
and one insatiable bottom who cannot control is sexual appetite long enough to
raise to the next level of the society. Gotta love it!

Blue Briefs by Jeff Mann. What can one say about Jeff Mann’s
writing. It’s brilliant in every aspect. The characters of Nate and Jeff are
real people, or at least you feel as if they are thanks to Jeff’s prose. The
story is about love and losing that love, and in Jeff’s sexy, harmonious way it’s
also about the pleasures of bondage and everything that comes along with it.

Old Glory by Hank Edwards. I’ve only recently become acquainted
with Hank’s writing and I have to say it’s always a complete thrill to see his
name in the table of contents. Old Glory is a great play on words and the story
gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “old switcheroo.” If only my
college days could have been this fun. Horny college men, a female pledge, a
makeshift glory hole, and one hell of a good time when Jay decides to take the
girls place. A fun, sexy and enjoyable read.

There are many other noteworthy stories in the collection
such as Three Little Lambs by Neil Plakcy, Lessons from the Library by Rick
Archer, Giving it Up for the House by Christopher Pierce, and Frat House
Midnight Snack by Jeff Funk. Don’t do what I almost did and look the other way
on this collection, sure it’s another collection of an all too familiar theme,
but the stories that Shane has put together are anything but tired. You however,
may be by the time you finish reading these sexy pieces of erotic fiction.

Reviewed by William Holden

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