Kept Men and Other Erotic Stories by Jonathan Asche (Starbooks Press)

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One would think that writing erotica for the past fourteen
years that I would get tired of reading it. I’ll admit that I don’t read as
much of it as I use to, but that’s because I’m too busy writing it. Yet, on occasion I’ll pick up a collection of erotic
stories and just sit back and enjoy it for what it is – pure entertainment.

Kept Men and Other Erotic Stories is a collection that does
just that, and nothing more. The stories are well written. The sex, and there
is a lot of sex is hot, intense, and well does what an erotic story should.

I decided not to do a play by play of the twenty-one single
author stories in this collection, nor will I mention which of them were my
favorites. Usually I’m full of opinions of which one’s worked and which didn’t,
but not so in this collection. They were all good, yet none of them stood out
as exceptional, perhaps that’s because many of these stories were a bit old and

As the author mentions, many of these stories were
previously published, some reworked for this collection, others I’m assuming
were reprinted as is. There are actually only four stories in this collection
that are new. The other seventeen were published during the 90’s in many of the
now defunct porn magazines.

So if you are looking for good quality vintage porn, than
this collection is for you. Please don’t think I said that out of spite or
distaste. It’s just that gay porn was written differently for the magazines.
There was less space available for fiction, so authors did what they had to do,
sacrifice plot and character development for the “money shot(s).”

In all honestly, Kept Men is a solid, well written
collection. Just don’t expect too much from it. The stories are perfect for a
rainy day or a sunny spot on the beach. Just be careful in your swimsuit, after
reading some of these you may not be able to turn over for a while. 

Reviewed by William Holden

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