Devil’s Rock – Gerri Hill (Bella Books)

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I’ve always been a fan of the mystery genre. There is
nothing better than sitting down on a rainy day and being swept away in the
intrigue. Authors such as Joseph Hanson, and Arthur Conan Doyle began my love
affair with this genre. Today my mystery authors of choice are Greg Herren, Anthony
Bidulka, and Josh Aterovis, and now I may just add Gerri Hill to the list after
reading Devil’s Rock.

Andrea Sullivan is a former LA cop who now lives and works
in a small town in Arizona. When someone begins dumping bodies in the high
plains of the desert the local sheriff calls in the FBI for assistance. In
comes Cameron Ross a roaming FBI agent who comes off aggressive and arrogant.
Cameron and Andrea couldn’t appear more different on the outside, but each of
them carries heavy wounds from the past. It will take all of their strength and
determination to work together to solve these murders. What they don’t count on
is falling in love in the process.

When I first started Devil’s Rock, the immediate and
persistent arguments between Andrea and Cameron seemed a bit excessive – almost
too much. I’m glad I didn’t give up on the characters or the novel, because as
their story unfolded in the midst of the body dumps, I began to realize that
those frequent outbursts were necessary in portraying the characters truthfully.
Gerri has done a brilliant job of interweaving their developing relationship
with the increasingly difficult murder spree.

While I can’t talk about the mechanics of the mystery
genre, I can say that Devil’s Rock was one of those books that I couldn’t put

Reviewed by William Holden

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