The Final Day of Saints and Sinners

Sunday always comes too soon at Saints and Sinners. It seems
like we just picked up our registration goodies and already the last day looms
before us, as bleary-eyed and cotton-mouthed as Saturday night has left us.
Nevertheless, there are readings and panels ahead—and we have to sound

Kelly Smith kicked off the last day, moderating a
fascinating panel about “Current Trends in the Publishing Industry” with Sven
Davisson, Fay Jacobs, Janet Mason and Radclyffe, leaving her audience at the
chilly Bourbon Orleans Ballroom with a renewed sense of optimism. And sweaters.

Thankfully, many of them toddled over to the Bourbon Pub for
our Out in Print inspired panel, “Blogging Book Reviews for Fun and Profit …
Well, for Fun Anyway.” Moderated by Jeff Mann, our panel featured William
Holden and myself as well as author and bookstore manager, ‘Nathan
Burgoine as well as Bold Strokes Books publisher Radclyffe with a publisher’s
point of view on book reviews. We were grateful for the terrific turnout as
well as the challenging questions at the end. Thanks go out to everyone for a
chance to do this.

But with about 15 minutes to pack up and head over to St.
Mary’s Salon at the Bourbon Orleans for our own reading, we had no time to rest
on our laurels. Bill, Dale Chase, Jeff Mann and I all read on the same program
with Lara Zielinsky and new poet Robert Walker. It was beautifully smutty.

We had to have some lunch before we passed out, then it was
on to the Closing Reception—which is always a mixed bag of emotions. We love
partying with our friends and fellow authors, but it heralds the end of the
weekend and signals our first round of goodbyes. But before that, five new
memberts were inducted into the Saints and Sinners Hall of Fame:
publisher/author Jameson Currier, FAB Bookstore owner Otis Fennell, agent
Michele Karlsberg, author Achy Obejas and Bywater Books publisher Kelly Smith.

We will be in New Orleans one more day, but this marvelous
conference is over for another year. Our only consolation is that we’ll be back
in 2012 for the 10th annual meeting, which promises to be bigger and
better than ever. Thanks to Paul Willis and Amie Evans and all their volunteers
for their hard work and dedication. Queer publishing is alive and thriving, in
part, because of their efforts. We are truly grateful.

See you next year. 

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