Silent Scream – James Huskins (Self-Published)

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Years ago I use to attend murder mystery weekends where a
group of strangers would spend three days together in a hotel to solve a murder
that happens during the first night at a cocktail party. Who wouldn’t love
that? A good plot, a dozen or so possible suspects and only one chance to be
the one who solves the inevitable…Who done it. So when I received the book
Silent Scream by James Huskins, I was eager to dive into a good old-fashioned

Picture it. Hollywood. 1960. A silent film star Nora Bates
who was known as “Lil’ Screamer” during her golden years is getting
ready to publish her memoirs; a book that is filled with some of the most
scandalous Hollywood secrets, and you guessed it, someone out there doesn’t
want her memoirs published and would like nothing better than to silence the
“Lil’ Screamer” for good. 

Yancy a chauffer from Nora’s publisher is hired to drive
Nora to Palm Springs for a Hollywood reunion and the launch of Nora’s book. Of
course, tragedy strikes the reunion and Yancy takes it upon himself to follow
the clues. As Yancy gets closer to the truth he becomes the next target.

Silent Scream has a lot going on. You have numerous wacky, unique, and interesting characters coming in and out and back in of the story; each with their own
secrets, their own personality, and of course motives to silence the “L’il’
Screamer”. The feel of the book reminded me of the Agatha Christie
stories, that’s an extremely ambitious work to undertake as a first novel, and
for the most part it works. Huskins has developed a strong mystery that weaves
its way effortlessly through the characters and plot. The characters of Yancy
and Nora are well written and likable, and while these two characters are the
centerpiece of the novel, there were just too many other characters thrown into
the mix making it difficult at times to follow what was happening – an inherent
problem with any type of murder mystery involving a large group of people, but a problem that must be overcome to make the novel work.

James Huskins has delivered a strong first novel, and one you will definitely want to purchase. While
there is room for improvement, Huskins
obviously has the passion, creativity, and skills to produces some great work
in the future. I for one am looking forward to the sequel. 

Kudos to Derrick Canyon for designing a great cover.

Reviewed by William Holden

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