I like to Watch: Gay Erotic Stories, edited by Christopher Pierce – Cleis Press

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You’ve heard it here many times before that it’s hard to
have every story in an anthology work, and Pierce’s, I Like to Watch may have
broken that old saying. Now I’m not saying that all seventeen stories worked
for me. There were a few that I felt were a bit tired and weak in their
originality. What this collection does have that many anthologies today don’t
is a great line up of seasoned talented authors and even a few hot, sexy tales
from names you may not be so familiar.

I’m not going to review each individual story in the
collection, I’ll let you be the judge of what works and what doesn’t. What I
will share with you are my top picks in no particular order.


Shafted by Harley Jackson

How do you like your sailors? Harley obviously likes them
hot and Harley delivers them steaming onto the page. The story is set in San
Francisco in a temporary housing complex for sailors. Nice thing about this
complex is that it has a very active outdoor air shaft where everyone can watch
the action. The next time I’m in San Francisco I’m going to have to find myself
some temporary housing. What a great way to get to know your neighbors. Shafted
was brilliantly told and incredibly hot. 

Eclipse by Dale Chase

Dale as always delivers an incredibly original story that is
sultry, hot, and sexy from beginning to end. Two men agree to meet on the roof
top of a four story city building to watch what else, the lunar eclipse, but they
get more than they bargained for when a man across the way decides to have sex
with not one but several hot guys during the eclipse. There are plenty of full
moons in Dale story and they have nothing to do with the planets. Dale let’s
her characters explode across the page with vivid descriptions and scorching
hot sex.

Good Boy by Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann has a way with words with everything he writes,
and Good Boy isn’t any different. It’s a beautifully told S/M story between a
married man and his secret lover set in the back room of a store on a cold
snowy night. The story is touching, heartfelt but it still delivers an amazing
erotic punch. If these two characters don’t pull at your heartstrings, than you
need to check your pulse.

Hot, Buttered Boner – Rob Rosen

Rob Rosen does it again with an original and creative story
that will definitely melt your butter. The story is set in an empty movie
theater. As the action heats up, the two men quickly move into the bathroom where
a very nosey usher is about to interrupt them. Now I know why people always set
their popcorn between their legs.

Tinted Windows – Shane Allison

What does carry out fried chicken, a horny man and a parking
lot have to do with each other? Not much unless you’re Shane Allison, and then
the three have everything in common. Once again Shane delivers a quick and hot
release for anyone to enjoy. Hmmm, chicken grease, never thought of that one!

The Boy in the Chair – Christopher Pierce

You don’t find too many editors these days that will submit
something for their own anthology, but Christopher Pierce does and does it well
in his hot little piece as one man decides to give his watcher a night to

No matter how many voyeur/exhibition anthologies come out,
everyone likes to watch, or to be watched. Come on you know you do. So which
are you a voyeur or an exhibitionist? If you don’t know, perhaps this collection
can help you figure it all out. There’s something in here for everyone. It’s
okay, we won’t tell take a peek!

Reviewed by William Holden

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