Vancouver Nights – Hank Edwards (Lethe Press)

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One of the best things about creating a franchise character
(like Anthony Bidulka’s Russell Quant or Greg Herren’s Scotty Bradley) is
consistency. Their authors write them with solid assurance and their regular
readers can’t wait to find out how they get into—and out of—their latest
adventures. Such is the case with Hank Edwards’ porn movie fluffer Charlie
Heggensford and his latest appearance in Vancouver Nights.

This time, Charlie finds himself in Vancouver, temporarily
unemployed as a result of a porn actors strike he inadvertently caused. His
host is ex-porn star Brent Harrington, who now runs a pet store called Canadian
Critters. But Harrington has his own problems. Someone has been stealing
animals from all the pet stores in Vancouver and setting Harrington up as the
chief suspect. Who’s stealing the pets? Can Harrington catch the culprits and
clear his name? How can Charlie help? More importantly, who do they have sex
with next?

Edwards answers these questions and more with originality.
Who else could create a horny trucker who gets off on posing dolls to mimic the
sexual acrobatics he’s performing at the time? Forget BDSM—that’s true
kink, dear. And no Heggensford tale would be complete without Charlie’s
nemesis, pissy, prissy porn director Cedric Wilmington (and his little dog,

Wise writer that Edwards is, he knows full well that
pointing to a joke is tantamount to assassinating it. Instead, he creates
interesting characters, puts them in unique situations and gets the hell
offstage so they can entertain the reader. And entertain they do. From
Charlie’s Benadryl-induced hysterics in a dungeon to the
behind-the-bowling-alley sexcapade with a tenpin, there’s wild sex and
merriment to be had by all.

But as fun as Vancouver Nights is, I can’t help but
wonder what marvels would await us if Edwards essayed something non-genre.
Until then, however, we have Charlie, Billy, Brent and Cedric. Oh yes, and the
trucker with the dolls.

And you thought people didn’t bend that way …

Reviewed by Jerry Wheeler 

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