Christmas Eve at the Powers That Be Café – Xavier Axelson (Silver Publishing)

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The story is set in 1943 at The Powers the Be Café. The
owner, Nat tries to do what he can for the families of soldiers who are waiting
for the train that will take them off to war. It’s Christmas Eve, and Nat finds
a soldier in the alley behind his café. Nat invites him into the back office of
the café for some food, warmth and companionship before Kent must board the

This is Xavier Axelson’s first story, and I must admit I was
pleasantly surprised. The story is only twenty-one pages, but the characters
are so well crafted and the story so well written that the size doesn’t matter.
And how often are you going to hear a gay man say that. The sex scene between
Nat and Kent is wonderfully done combining tender, nervous moments with a hot
erotic charge.

Xavier has created an interesting character in Nat. At first
I wasn’t sure if I liked him. He seemed a bit self-loathing, which contradicted
his outwardly caring nature, but as the story progresses you begin to see him
in a new light, especially when he meets Kent.

The only thing I can say that I didn’t like about the story is
that it wasn’t long enough. I would have loved to find out more about Kent, and
who he is. I felt that there was more to this wonderfully written character
that I didn’t get to know. I would have also loved for the story to continue
past the point it does, to see the relationship build between the two men. I
understand why Xavier ended it when he did, but I just wasn’t ready for their
story to be over.

Christmas Eve at The Powers That Be Café is a quick and
wonderful read. I’m anxious to see what else Xavier has up his sleeves or
elsewhere for that matter.

Reviewed by William Holden

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