White, Christian – Christopher Stoddard (Triton Books)

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White, Christian is a story about a
nineteen-year-old gay teen who is paranoid, rebellious, a drug addict, sexually
promiscuous who feels unloved, and misunderstood.  Sound familiar?  You bet. 
In other words, just another typical novel about a troubled gay youth
and his “passage” through life with all the dysfunctions one would expect.  There is one difference with this
story…Christopher Stoddard. 

Christopher has a way with
words.  His prose is beautiful.  His characters are real. From the first page
the main character, Christian White will captivate you. You will want to help
him, you will become angry with him, and you will cheer him for small but
meaningful accomplishments. 

There are twists and turns in
Christian’s life that are unexpected, such as the scene with a guy named Juan
who Christian thinks is just another quick trick to earn some cash, but this
trick is anything but ordinary. 

“I gain consciousness
as I feel warm, thick liquid trickling down the middle of my forehead, taking a
left down the side of my nose and continuing to my chin, off of which it
drips.  I let out a moan of pain and
nausea and open my eyes.  Trying to wipe
the blood off my face, I discover that both my hands are tied with twine to
either end of the bed.  A glass beer
bottle with a chipped spout is lying on a tarnished silver tray next to me,
along with a pair of sharp-looking scissors, a bowling pin and pliers.  I hear humming and the sound of running water
coming from the bathroom.  Juan enters
with latex-gloved hands raised, like a doctor about to perform surgery.”

Without giving away too much
detail, this scene takes the novel on a whole new, exciting and unexpected
path.  Or at least that’s what I thought
and here is where I think the novel suffers, it doesn’t go down that path.  From this point forward Christian’s life goes
back to the way it was, chapter after chapter of quick sex for quick cash.  There was so much that could have been done
after that night at Juan’s, but it just doesn’t happen until the very end of
the novel.  The story becomes a bit
disjointed because of that.  It’s as if
the story with Juan never happened twenty or thirty pages, and then all of a
sudden it’s brought back to forefront of the story.

Regardless of what I feel is a weak
point in the book White, Christian is a great read.  Christopher Stoddard’s words flow across the
page.  His style is unique and will keep
the reader turning the pages.  

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