Date with a Sheesha: A Russell Quant Mystery – Anthony Bidulka (Insomniac Press)

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There are not many authors who have struck such a chord with me that I find myself anxiously waiting their next novel as I’m closing the back cover of their current piece of work. And there are even fewer mystery series that can do the same.  The author I’m talking about is Anthony Bidulka and his sexy, gay private eye, Russell Quant.  His seventh book, Date with a Sheesha was a first for me (I actually ordered it from Canada because I couldn’t wait for it to be released in the U.S.) 

The story begins when Russell Quant opens a card that simply reads: “You are invited to the death of Nayan Gupta.”  Ominous for sure, yet in Anthony’s style that note is only the beginning of the twists and turns the reader will be facing.  

The note was from Pranav Gupta, Nayan’s father who used it as a way to get Russell’s attention.  It worked.  Mr. Gupta sends the gay private eye into the Middle East in search of the truth behind the murder of his gay son.  And so the adventure begins as Russell Quant says farewell to all of his friends and family; the same characters that all of his fans have come to love as much as Russell himself, and sets out on a journey through the Middle East where being gay is a crime.

From the exotic location of Dubai to the desert of Saudi Arabia, Anthony takes his readers on a thrill ride of adventure with beautiful details from his own travels through the Middle East.  There are moments of catching your breath, to moments of laughter and of course with the warm, and passionate Russell Quant there will be tears.  

If you haven’t read a Russell Quant mystery you are missing out.  Pick up all seven in the series you won’t be disappointed.  I’m already anxiously awaiting the next in the series.  There will be a next won’t there?

Reviewed by William Holden

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