Under the Red Velvet Cover – Grant Garris (AuthorHouse)

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Writing is a very personal event regardless of the
genre.  Every word and every
sentence that is put together, captures something about the author in a way no
other form of expression can. Sweat, blood and tears are often shed to write
something that we feel good about, or at least would let others read.  It’s when we open ourselves up to the
world and really put ourselves out there, that we as authors can make a
difference.  And there is no better
example of this than Under the Red Velvet Cover, by Grant Garris.

It starts out with a simple telephone call to the Dallas
County Police Station.  That one
act changes everything for Grant and sets in motion a painful journey back
through his childhood, learning twenty years later of the family secrets and
lies that surrounded the molestation, physical torture and mental cruelty that
he endured at the hands of his own grandfather.

It’s a story that should only be in the pages of a fictional
novel, but unfortunately the story is all too real for Grant, and for anyone
who has ever been the victim of childhood abuse.  Grant doesn’t hold back.  He has opened himself up, exposed old wounds that are
decades old and I’m sure shed many tears in telling his story. 

The book is difficult to read, but equally as difficult to
put down.  The one thing that
struck me most of all about the book is the fact that this is not a book about
being a victim as one would expect, nor is it necessarily one that has a happy
ending.  It’s about overcoming
adversity.  It’s about learning
where and what your strengths are and using them to survive.  It’s about conquering fear, self-doubt
and self-hatred.

It’s a book that everyone should read.

Reviewed by William Holden

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