Biker Boys – Christopher Pierce, ed. (Cleis Press)

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I’ve never been into bikers—all that hypermasculinity and noise seems artificial and posed to me, but after reading Christopher Pierce’s erotica anthology, Biker Boys, I might just have to give that world of exhaust, chrome and sweaty leather a longer look. 
As with most all anthologies, not every story will appeal to everyone but Biker Boys hits the mark far more often than it misses and with such top names in erotica as Simon Sheppard, Shane Allison, Dale Chase, Rob Rosen and Jeff Mann, that’s no surprise. 
Sheppard’s “Two Bikers in a Room at the Motel 6” leads the collection off with a story about a chance encounter between two bikers in a parking lot—one of them ostensibly straight—followed by Landon Dixon’s “Engines of the Night,” a neatly done piece that begins with dueling riderless bikes. Michael Braken also makes a strong statement with an interesting sex/character story called “Meat and Potatoes” that manages to be both street-smart, hot and nihilistic all at the same time. 
Dale Chase hits the road with “Hard Ride,” about the eternal divide between a real biker and the business-suited wannabe, Xan West gives us some biker BDSM with “Ready,” featuring a muscular biker daddy and his boy, and Logan Zachary parks it in South Dakota for the orgiastic “Sturgis Bang.” My favorites also include Derrick Della Giorgia’s “Number 023 of the 200 Made” which makes some interesting points about egoistic consumerism along with some hot sex and Dusty Taylor’s “Tulsa,” about a road trip with all the trimmings. 
But, again, Jeff Mann wins the day with “As It Flies,” a biker bondage story that combines gags and ropes with tats and wistful lust to form a motorcycle love story like no other in this book. It’s uniquely Mann and well worth the price of the book alone. His work is so poetically erotic, it almost makes me want to be roped and tied. Almost. 
Pierce has gathered a varied, diverse collection of biker erotica that mostly challenges the conventions of the genre, providing us with some hot stories that intrigue as well as titillate. So don those leathers, pull on yer boots and polish up that chrome. But if you pick up any hitchhikers, be careful. You might become an entry in the next volume. 
But that’s not really a bad thing, is it?
Reviewed by Jerry Wheeler

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