Where the Girls Are: Urban Lesbian Erotica – ed. D.L. King (Cleis Press)

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I know what everyone is probably thinking. What do I know about lesbian sex that qualifies me to review this book? Before reading Where the Girls Are, I’ll admit not much, but let me tell you something, sex or no sex, D.L. King has one hell of a collection here.
The anthology’s theme is Urban settings, whether it’s a country girl coming to the big city in search of fun and excitement (actually there are only a couple of these) or a city girl just out for a good time; this collection is full of great stories, characters and as one would expect from these writers, wonderfully written.  We have blossoming lesbians, young and old lesbians, high power New York business lesbians and a country girl who could give any big city girl a run for their money.  
With the exception of a couple stories, the collection is full of unique and well-written stories that will keep you turning the pages.
While each of the stories in this collection deserves mentioning, I’m only going to mention a few that were among my favorites.
Rush Hour by Lisabet Sarai, is the story of two strangers desperate to get to an important meeting during rush hour in New York on a rainy afternoon; and the fun and interesting developments when the two fight for the same cab and I do mean fight.  Now who couldn’t relate to that!
Come to my Window by Andrea Dale is another story that I found refreshing and well written.  It’s short, about 9 pages, but it’s packed full of hot steamy sex in a unique and fun setting – pressed against a window overlooking the city of New York.  Who wouldn’t have an orgasm with that kind of view, not to mention the excitement of possibly of being seen in the act.
There is a wide range of stories in the collection that can please a wide range of tastes and sexual fantasies.  From the BDSM story by Rachel Kramer Bussel, My First Play Party, to a fun and interesting take on the fashion world in Crystal Barela’s, In the Dressing Room, there is literally something for everyone in this collection.  
Come on in and have some fun.  You know you want to.
Reviewed by William Holden

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