The Boy Can’t Help It – Gavin Atlas (Lethe Press)

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Some people say that bigger is better and perhaps that’s true depending on your stance or position, but for me I like them short – short stories that is.  I love picking up a book whether it’s a single author or multi-author collection and delving into the different characters, plots and places that the author has created.  It’s like an orgy waiting to happen with different tastes, sizes and talents all in one place.

Many single author collections come with one major flaw, the narrative voice. It’s as if the author cannot switch from one character to the next, no matter how different the stories are the voice doesn’t have any unique traits to individualize the various stories that make up the collection.

I must admit that I was a bit worried that a collection of stories about bottoms would be…well…a bit one sided.  Thankfully I was wrong.  Gavin Atlas has found the secret key to single author collections.  Gavin has woven a brilliant collection of stories which stands above many others that I’ve read.  Each story is unique in its place, plot and most importantly voice.

“Duel in the Sand” is a very erotic story set on a beach where the main character lives out his fantasy of being “taken” while people watch.  I found this to be one of my favorite stories, as I found the character Cal, absolutely adorable.  “Blue Star Boy” is a perfect example of how Gavin’s style and narrative voice sets the characters and stories apart.  It’s a bit softer than most of Gavin’s stories but that is one reason why I liked this hot surfer story with a touch of romance thrown in. 

There are too many wonderful stories in this collection to name them all, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed in any of them.  After reading this collection, I’m not surprised that it’s been one of the top sellers from Lethe Press since its release on February 14th

Top, bottom, up or down; there is something for everybody in this collection.  If you haven’t read this anthology you are missing out. Get a copy today!

Reviewed by William Holden

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