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I’ve not been a fan of vampire stories for some time now.  For me it’s kind of like the old saying; “been there done that”.  As a kid anything with vampires was totally it.  Then I fell in love with Lestat (well at least for the first few books anyway) but after that it went down hill rather quickly; the Blade series of movies, the Underworld movie trilogy, and of course the whole Twilight craze.  It’s enough to make me want to drive a stake through my heart.  Yet there I was with Amanda Young’s latest installment of her vampire series, “Daywalker Legacy”in my hesitant hands, hoping that it wouldn’t be too painful to get through and that I would have something pleasant to say.  I had no idea what I was in for.

The basic plot:

Teague Johnson and his  brother Cadge are the last of the daywalker race.They are forced to live their lives hidden among the city’s humans and nightbreeders.  Teague begins a forbidden affair with Kyle Drake, a human.  When Kyle suddenly disappears Teague and his brother must come forward with their heritage in order to save Kyle’s life, but that is only the beginning of their trouble as old friends and allies are put to the test ina political struggle of power between species.

Amanda weaves an amazingly intricate story in this third installment of her vampire series.  I will admit that I’ve not read the first two novels, Secrets and Lies, and The Hard Truth and I don’t believe you have to in order to enjoy this novel. Amanda has given me hope that all is not lost to the vampire myths, fables and fantasies that I grew up with as a kid.  While there were a few moments of, “been there done that”, the novel itself was refreshing and very well written.  The characters come alive within the first few pages of their appearance, and rarely do I find a novel that I can say that about.They were the main reason I couldn’t put the book down, I found myself completely wrapped up in their lives.Oh, have I mentioned the incredible hot sex between Teague and Kyle?  Not only does Amanda capture the passion between them beautifully, she uses the character’s doubts,frustrations and worries that the forbidden relations bring with it to intensify the interactions between them. 

My only disappointment in the novel was that the story of Teague and Kyle ended about mid-way through the novel, just at a great point in their relationship.I won’t spoil it by going into further details, but I wish Teague and Kyle could have been the focal point of the entire novel.  I understand that the intricate storylines that had been built up to that point (and probably in the first two installments) needed to be told through different characters, but Teague and Kyle made the novel for me.  Cadge and his, on again off again romance just doesn’t have the same urgency, nor the same thrill and excitement as the other characters.  I can only hope there is a fourth novel in the works that will continue the story of Teague and Kyle.   

Go ahead take a taste of Daywalker Legacy.  You won’t regret it.  Just be warned, the novel bites back.

Reviewed by William Holden

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