Bi Guys: The Deliciousness of His Sex – R. Jackson, ed. (Bear Bones/Lethe Press)

Buy it now at Giovanni’s Room or at Amazon through The Dreamwalker Group.

When this excellent collection came out in 2006, it was a groundbreaker. Thanks to biphobia and a refusal by some members of our community to even acknowledge bisexual men and women exist – it has lost none of its power. And thanks to Lethe Press, it’s back in print. 

Beyond the daring in showing men with both men and women –sometimes apart, sometimes simultaneously – reading this again after all these years reminds me how great some of these stories are. I was once again caught up in the kinkthrill of Patrick Califia’s “Daddy’s Boy Meets Daddy’s Girl”which is a wonderful ride on titclamps and fishing line that makes me want to try some of these tricks even though the very thought of it makes me squeamish.

Bi Guys, in fact, loves to cruise the edges; as if baiting biphobics allowed its authors to take other risks. In addition to the S&M pleasures Califia provides, Jay Neal subtly suggests incestuous brother-sister possibilities in the Fifties-themed “Duck Tails and Fins” and S. Bear Bergman does the genderfuck as only ze can in “Switching.”

But stories this hot make you think less about porn as a social force – which it is – than the swelling in your jeans. You don’t get much sexier than Kevin Green’s “Unexpected Orgy,” Dale Chase’s Victorian “Cultivating Oblivion,” the blue-collar funk of Felice Picano’s “Mike from Massapequa,” or the ass fixation of Dominic Santi’s “Bowling with Fred.” This collection is also rare in one other respect – there is not one punk story here. They’re all hot or interesting in some way.

My favorite, however, is Thom Wolf’s “His Games,” a hot yet brutally honest picture of a game-playing bi husband and the man obsessed with him. The final paragraph, coming as it does after the husband and the man have sex in the husband’s driveway with his wife and little boy watching, is particularly heart-wrenching: 

He headed towards the house without saying goodbye. I watched

his figure moving through the garden, merging with the shadows,

until he was gone. I climbed back over into the front seat, started

the engine and slipped the gear into reverse, knowing it would not

be as easy to back out of this relationship.

Wolf sets himself apart from the other authors in this collection by intimating a punishment for his characters actions. Perhaps that’s a return, in some respects, to sex negativity. It’s a delicious conflict and one that shows there’s more than one facet to the subject, but that’s enough from me. Jump on the Bear Bones/Lethe Press website or Dreamwalker Group, get yourself a copy and form your own conclusions. 

But don’t read it at the barbershop or there’ll be quite a surprise when that drape gets snapped off your lap.

Trust me. 

Reviewed by Jerry Wheeler

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